Thrive is committed to seeing every church in our area of England have a thriving youth ministry. One of the biggest problems with this is that many churches don’t have much confidence or the ability to know how to go about investing in young people. We want to help.

We want to see more people becoming youth ministers in our area; people who are called by God to reach out and disciple this generation. We don’t want them to be doing the work on behalf of the church but to act as mission enablers, helping and leading the church into engaging with young people; enabling more mission to take place as a result.

Thrive is partnering with Reign Ministries, who run a degree programme for training youth ministers. We want to see more people trained in youth ministry and to do this based in a local church.

Reign Ministries offer professional training in Theology & Mission within a youth ministry context. Thrive gets alongside the students, offering weekly support and encouragement, as well as getting alongside the church to help them make the most of having a trainee student, and to enable more mission to take place.

Are you a local church looking to offer a student a placement?

Fantastic! This could be a great way to raise the profile of youth ministry in your church and to see some great things happen. Having a student can be very rewarding, but do bear in mind, they are in training and so will make mistakes, and are not the finished article.

The church will be expected to house the student for the three years of the course as well as provide a realistic budget for them to develop the ministry.

This is a full-time course with the church placement taking up around 2-3 days per week.

To find out more, get in touch and we would love to tell you more.

Are you interested in studying on the course?

Brilliant! We want more like you to get involved. The big advantage of training with us on this course is that you will benefit from the years of experience of training by Reign Ministries and you will get the personal, local support from Thrive. This will help you to not just grow in professional skills, but to develop your pastoral skills and be supported personally as you adapt to church ministry and the unique demands of serving a local church.

To find out more, get in touch and we would love to tell you more!