Resolution is our annual retreat for youth ministers, children’s ministers and schools workers.

The aim is to be with like-minded people seeking God together…to inspire us for the year ahead. Youth ministry can be so full-on that it is essential that we make time to stop.

“Useful time ‘away’ from it all to refocus on God with good and clear teaching, support and guidance.”

“A really rewarding and enjoyable 24 hours! The teaching was fantastic and it had a good balance of teaching and the opportunity to be alone with God.”

“This was by far the best retreat I have been on and it is so affordable.”

“A very helpful, restful and spiritual retreat.”

(some feedback from previous Resolution participants)


Resolution is a spiritual retreat, lasting just over 24 hours, to give you a chance to get refreshed, re-energised for leadership and re-calibrate your life before God.

Resolution is primarily for church youth ministers, children & families ministers and schools workers. It’s called ‘Resolution’ for two reasons:

1.Many people make ‘New Year Resolutions’ each year, as they commit to making a more concerted effort to self-improvement for the year ahead.  Rather than self-improvement, Resolution will offer us space to seek God for his goals for our year ahead.

2. We talk about monitors and TVs having a resolution, defining how clear and detailed a picture is. Resolution will help us get a better perspective on what we do, why we do it and where God is wanting to lead us.

Resolution is hosted by Andy Castle, Thrive’s CEO and Founder. Andy has been a youth minister for twenty years and loves being able to encourage and inspire others to work with the next generation. The retreat will recharge exhausted leaders, inspire hope for those who are lacking, and build resilience to last the long haul of leadership for all.

Come along to Resolution for a spiritual retreat which will combine the personal, professional and social all together in 24 hours or so.


“Good to be led in activities that enable you to hear God’s voice and good to do that with like minded people”

“Thank you. Great time of year to have this – so well organised. It was clear, interactive and felt supported in sessions.”

(feedback from previous participants)