We help local churches reach out and disciple young people so that they can have a greater impact on their local communities and thrive as a result.

We know that many churches think the idea of starting any youth work is unrealistic because they don’t have any young people. But they do have children. We want churches to have even stronger children’s ministries so that new youth initiatives flow on from this.

We are committed to working with churches to build, develop and strengthen their children’s work as well as their youth work. Thrive comes alongside churches: church leaders, youth & children’s ministers and volunteer leaders to encourage and cheer them on so we can see more lives changed.

Having a thriving youth ministry is the responsibility of the whole church and it cannot thrive if left only to a few enthusiastic, committed youth leaders. Thrive wants to enable churches to be fruitful in reaching out to young people, discipling effectively and seeing young people fully engage as part of the wider church family.

Inspiring the Church

partner churches

Partner churches

Every church, whatever it looks like, wants to be better at reaching out to young people but each church faces
Youth minister

Training youth ministers

Thrive is committed to seeing every church in our area of England have a thriving youth ministry. One of the

Taking the Temperature

Taking the Temperature is a process which helps a church to consider constructively its current ministry to young people. Thrive
Our Manifesto for 21st Century Youthwork

Our Manifesto for 21st Century Youthwork

Many churches are starting to reach that place where they understand there needs to be a significant shift in their