Opportunities to work with local schools are worth making the most of…

Fortunately there are some really useful resources available which provide advice, ideas for assemblies and inspiration for being creative in serving our schools.

Follow the links to some great ideas for schools work…

  • Scripture Union have developed an online assembly material site…full of tried and tested assemblies for different key stages. This contains a large number of assembly outlines. Their schools development workers are also working on short articles or blogs and these will be available each month also.
  • Youthscape  A useful site to resource, inspire and train those working in and reaching out to local schools.
  • Loads of assembly themes ranging from Christmas and Easter, to Family, heroes and politics.
  • Youth Work Resource Useful pages for assemblies (both primary and secondary) as well as resources for Christian Unions.
  • Prayer Spaces in Schools Enable children and young people to explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way.


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