Thrive Youth Ministries was formed in November 2011 to help churches be more effective in reaching out to young people and discipling them in the Christian faith. Thrive was set up by Andy Castle, a youth minister with many years of experience with serving young people and the local Church.

Thrive is an interdenominational Christian charity working to share the good news of Jesus with the next generation. We aim to get alongside churches and those involved in youth & children’s ministries, to inspire, equip and encourage them to be more effective in this work.  

Our desire is to enable young people to come to faith in Jesus and to use their skills, talents and gifts to benefit the growth of God’s Kingdom. 

Thrive is based in Leamington Spa and its primary purpose is to serve the churches within a thirty minute drive radius of their base, taking in most of Warwickshire and Coventry.

Through our website, we also want to support youth work further afield by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for youth & children’s leaders, bringing together the best resources available on the internet, as well as offering training through our leadership blog posts.

We want to help more churches to reach out and to disciple more young people so we can see the churches in local settings across the UK having a greater impact on their communities and we will see our churches thriving as a result.

Thrive exists to come alongside church leaders, youth ministers and volunteer leaders to encourage and cheer them on so we can see more lives changed. We want to see church youth ministries not merely survive, but thrive.

Youth ministry can be tough and frustrating but it can also be the most rewarding ministry when you see a teenager grasp God’s grace and their journey in faith inspires the rest of the church to be all that Christ is asking them to be. Thrive wants to help all those working with young people within the Church be better equipped to rise to the challenge of reaching young people in our communities.

Thrive is funded 100% by donation and relies on giving from churches and individual supporters. Visit Support Thrive to find out more.

Thrive Youth Ministries is a local mission partner of Scripture Union and an independent charity.