The Youth Bus is out and about in Warwick bringing youth ministry to young people on their doorstep, as Church is up from the pew and missionally out next door to you!

This is a partnership between Thrive and the Warwick Team of Churches, supported by the King Henry VIII Charitable Fund.

We are very excited to share God’s love and deliver 21st century youth work through the newly branded bus. The bus is for young people in Warwick, and beyond, to spend time with friends and to hear stories of hope and life through Jesus. It is designed to reach, serve, and love young people in the town. The bus will be out in the town throughout the week and young people in secondary school are always welcome to jump on board and make themselves at home.

The bus is packed with loads to do, with the latest video consoles, computers, iPads, games, and lots of places to hang out with friends. One young person described it as “a really cool place with lots of different things on offer, there’s something for everyone”. It provides many opportunities for young people to get involved in different activities and to build new relationships which is so important, especially in a post-covid world, where so many young people are plugged into screens.

The bus offers the potential to enjoy the teenage domain of the digital world, whilst it also has the intentional focus of building up person relationships and community. We envisage the bus as a catalyst for positive change to bring hope and transformation to many young people’s lives. Teenagers and their needs will be met wherever they are at, they shall be supported and encouraged to be the best possible versions of themselves that they can be. One young person described the mobile youth centre as “there’s going to be a really nice community of young people who are going to come, hang out together, learn a little about Jesus, have some fun, it’ll be a really nice environment to be in”.

The bus will always have a team of youth workers and volunteers on board to chat and serve young people. All volunteers on the bus are DBS checked and associated with local churches.

The bus provides a brilliant opportunity for churches to strengthen existing youth initiatives as well as to help start something completely new. The mobile youth centre helps churches and teams to connect with young people. This could be a new launch into youth work for churches who might before have had no youth work.

One church that has started using the bus is St Paul’s Church, Warwick. They have a fortnightly weekly youth café that interacts with Aylesford pupils on their way home. Add the bus into the mix and church leader Jonathan Hearn, describes the bus as “just a vehicle to help us reach out and leaves us to offer hospitality with a drink and pizza (the oven is very efficient!!!). And of course, to just chat with the youngsters and begin to build relationships. There is so much potential and it will be exciting to see how our youth ministry develops as the bus enables us to draw people in.”

We are super excited for the chances that the bus provides to reach out and to help support the young people in our area.

Would you like the mobile youth centre to visit your church?

Amazing! If you are interested and might like to ‘book the bus’ for outreach or for your youth group, please get in contact with us to meet and chat about the opportunities and practicalities of using the bus.

How can I support the bus project?

By praying for those involved with the project and for the young people to have a positive engagement and experience with the bus.

We shall soon be recruiting for volunteers to help on the bus, as well as volunteers who are willing and able to drive the bus. ‘Bus open days’ shall be coming soon where there will be the chance to have a look around and hear a bit about volunteering and how you could get involved.

Keep in touch via our website and follow our social media on instagram and facebook for drop in sessions coming soon!