Rev. Greg Bartlem, Vicar at St. Peter’s Church in Wellesbourne, reached out to Thrive with an inspiring idea to create a space where Year 5 and 6 children could come together to pray, read the Bible, and grow in their faith. 

The idea was to create a Prayer & Pizza group, but the church knew that before starting, it would be necessary for the families to have some time together to build relationships and momentum. So, at the end of August, everyone gathered for the Family Camp at the Vicarage Garden and set up their tents. This was a great weekend filled with good conversations, games, some delicious barbeque, and a campfire!

It was such an amazing experience not only for the children but for their parents, as they understood their children would truly benefit from it. 

And just like that, the Prayer & Pizza group was launched in September.

Fiona, our Children’s Ministry Adviser, has been working alongside the Vicar and an incredible group of 8 volunteers to help put this project together. 

Although the title ‘Prayer & Pizza’ seems very straight forward and self-explanatory, there’s more to this group than what meets the eye! This group gathers every Wednesday to (you guessed it right) eat pizza, have a time to catch up and play a game! However, the main part of their time together is spent reading the Bible and praying with each other, and the leaders.

Ultimately, this is a space where they can be free to ask any questions they might be thinking of, have good discussions together and share testimonies. This past month, they have looked at topics including what the Bible says on the importance of prayer, to help understand why we pray, and also looking into where our identity comes from.

It’s been amazing to see the children’s commitment as they come every week and truly engage with what we do. It is wonderful to see their openness and honesty with each other.

Recently the children have been asked to design a prayer station for the church’s upcoming 24/7 prayer event, and it was great to see their excitement and how much they want to be involved in the bigger picture of church. Their commitment and passion for God is inspiring. 

Our hope is to see this group thrive in their walk with Jesus and grow in their faith. We pray that they continue to feel like they have a space where they can share, ask questions, and feel supported by their leaders. We would love to see the group grow in number as well, but most importantly we want to equip the children to feel confident to share about Jesus to their friends and invite them along.

We are excited to see the growth that will come from it, as we continue to meet and pray together, and eat pizza!