We are in unprecedented times, as the Prime Minister and other ministers keep reminding us. Churches are having to change rapidly and adapt to the new measures and restrictions.

Andy CastleHere at Thrive too, the team are all working remotely, connecting with each other using online applications such as Zoom video conferencing and Slack team management.

Just as we have adapted internally, I wanted to let you know how we are continuing to get alongside those who work with children and young people and support them in their own ministries during these challenging times.


Supporting children’s and youth leaders

Online meetings
We have held virtual gatherings for both youth leaders and children’s leaders, giving each a chance to share experiences and ideas that they have had and, in some cases, used, with their young people. These gatherings were well received, as individuals shared how they appreciated the opportunity to connect with other, like-minded people, to share best practice guidelines and to point each other to useful resources. We have already set up our next online gatherings to take place in the next few days.

Online networks for resources and support
There is a real need for sharing links and online resources at the moment, and so we have launched two Facebook groups to best resource leaders: Thrive Youth Work Network for youth leaders, and Thrive Children’s Work Network for children’s leaders, obviously!

We hope these groups will enable leaders to share ideas with each other, as well as continue to develop a sense of online community and being ‘in it together’.

Our mentoring for leaders continues, albeit online, as we get alongside key youth & children’s workers and leaders.

Sadly, we have had to cancel events – Thrive Juniors for children and our main fundraiser, the Comedy Night with Andy Kind.  But we are refocussing our time on projects such as our new resource for churches called ‘100 Steps to a Thriving Holiday Club’ and we are also moving forwards with a refresh of our website to help make it clearer and easier to use for all of our web visitors. Fiona is working with a number of churches remotely on a piece of research that Thrive is producing.  This looks at youthwork in churches and why many churches work with children of a primary school age, but struggle once they reach secondary school.

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