When we think of worship at Christmas for our children, it’s quite often we think of a nativity or Christingle service.  For many people, traditions can be what Christmas is all about.  At this present time, we may be panicking and wondering how we can carry out these traditions in lockdown.  Christmas this year will be like we’ve never experienced before.

There are two ways of looking at this:

1.   Disappointment that Christmas won’t have the same impact because we can’t fill our church building with hundreds of people keen to celebrate the birth of Jesus with joyful singing of our favourite carols, the wonderful smells of candles burning and flames glowing as we turn to the light and seeing the delight on children’s faces as they come dressed as angels, shepherds and wise men etc.

2.   Excitement to see how we can be creative and celebrate Christmas in a way we’ve never explored before!

It’s very easy to say, ‘We can’t do that this year,’ and leave it there. What would it look like if we took a moment to think through what we could do instead?  One of my favourite Christmas songs is called, ‘The heart of Christmas is love.’  A couple of lines say, ‘No greater gift could there ever be than what He gave us on Calvary, Cause the heart of Christmas is love.’  Every time I hear these words, my heart stirs because I automatically think beyond God’s love for me to how I can show God’s love to others.  What a year this is to show love at Christmas!  We may be limited in the traditions we are familiar with, but what an opportunity we have to think outside the box, get creative and share the love of Christmas beyond our church walls like never before.

So what does this look like? And how can we be creative?

1.   What can we do that shows love in our community?
2.   What creative ways can we tell the Christmas story / message?
3.   How can we make use of our church grounds, windows of our churches, gardens of the homes of our church families?
4.   What is God stirring in your heart to do?

As you prepare for Christmas this year, our prayer for you and your team is that God inspires your ministry as you reach out.

Thrive have produced a list of ideas that might inspire you as you plan for Christmas.

If you or your church would like any support in thinking through creative ideas and putting into action, please do contact us.  We would love to support you and your ministry, so please do be in touch.

written by Fiona Stutton