puppets huggingThrive’s Children’s Work Adviser, Fiona, delivered puppet training for young people, children’s workers and volunteers, to help them engage people of all ages in this much-loved performance technique.

This session was planned after a church requested some training on using puppets and we then opened the session up to others.

Puppets are a great tool in ministry because they are so visual. It’s a great way of holding the attention of children and adults. Puppets can help communicate messages in a different and captivating way. Puppetry can be performed to upbeat songs or sometimes more reflective music, both of which can have an impact on the audience and be very effective.

During the session, Fiona showed the teams the five steps of puppetry including lip syncing for speech and song, and techniques for moving the puppets in a lifelike way. Group work and performances helped the teams to practice character and expressions.

“After today we will be practicing and then performing in a Children’s Praise Party and then in a Family Service. Today has given us lots of tips and the enthusiasm to go away and perform,” said Lesley from All Saints Church, Allesley in Coventry.

If you are interested in using puppets in your church’s children’s work please contact us.

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