Back in June we had the opportunity to gather together with youth and children’s workers for some ‘Breathing Space’. 19 youth, childrens and family workers took time out of their busy schedules to spend time together and with God. 

After a long time of not being able to meet in person, we were finally able to gather to pray together, to worship together, share experiences, and catch up over food. 

We started off with an ice breaker, so we could get to know each other a bit better. There was a buzz in the room and lots of laughter. Everyone had a chance to share about how youth and children’s ministries are going. 

Andy shared a word of encouragement about leaders having time alone with God. Often we may feel like there’s not enough time for everything, and maybe we even feel too stressed. It can feel isolating, and scary. We are spending more time doing activities and planning the next youth or children groups and less time in God’s presence, where we are open to Him to recharge and refill us. But Andy reminded us that everything starts in the presence of God. It’s important we prioritise our relationship with Him. In addition to this, we also had the opportunity to worship together and take some time to reflect on the word shared and share with one another where we are struggling the most in ministry. 

One of the leaders, Ruda, said, “I found the worship part extra helpful to assess my relationship with God and see areas that need improvement. The conversations with the other youth leaders were really good and helpful as well”.

Another leader, Kate, shared the following with us, “I had a lovely time with you guys and members of other churches – it was great to just come and worship without any interruption.  It felt like a really natural way to spend time with God, so thank you and the Thrive team for enabling that for me, I’m sure others felt that too”.

It was amazing to spend some time with like-minded people from all over Warwickshire and Coventry, meeting new friends and being encouraged about where God is moving among children and young people.