After three long years of not being able to gather it was brilliant to be able to be together again in person.

Youth leaders from 12 different churches bought over 90 young people together with the intention of investing time in their youth group.

The weekend started with the Thrive team organising games on the Friday night to get everyone mixing and breaking the ice! It set a good atmosphere for the weekend – that it was about young people having fun together, finding out about faith and cheering each other on, with support from their youth leaders.

Feedback from one of the youth leaders, Lizzie Russell, was that Basecamp was “amazing, so great. It’s really helped with the friendships in our youth group. And for my relationship with the young people too. I feel like I know them much better as a result of the weekend.”

The main theme of the weekend was being set ‘ablaze’ and being refined by the refiner’s fire. Based on the theme there were a few talks. After which the young people had the chance to respond in small groups, from their church, led by their youth leaders. These were times to reflect, discuss and explore faith.

We had high energy games like ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ and the Maltesers Game which enthused and energised young people and their leaders. There was a jovial atmosphere and young people described the weekend as, “it was an incredible experience that filled me with so much joy” and, “it was very fun and among the best weekends I’ve had”.

Many young people experienced exciting activities such as the zip wire, abseiling and climbing as well as some ground-level activities like archery and the assault course, all of which were led by qualified instructors from the Pioneer Centre.

A highlight for one young person was “the activities and worship and teaching were really great and encouraging.” Everyone was able to choose whichever activities they wanted to, and it was amazing to see the young people engaging with what they wanted to during the weekend and their youth leaders encouraging, supporting, and spurring them on!

After the frustration of the pandemic, it was something special to be able to come and worship together in person. All the young people had the opportunity to join in with worship in a ‘worship jam’ on the Saturday afternoon. For one young person, “my highlight was being able to have the worship jam with people from all different churches”.

It was great to see a real authenticity and heart for worship and them really going for it, fabulous to see young people praising the Lord!

Part of being away for the weekend meant that there was down time to relax and chill out. One young person said, “I don’t have any other boys my age attending the church I go to, so it was nice to see other males my age”. It was great to see new friendships formed and deepened over table tennis and the football table. There was a real mixture of thriving faith discussions, football, and fun!

Feedback we’ve received is 100% of youth leaders and young people would like to come again!

We give great thanks and praise to God for Basecamp. Let’s keep those who attended in prayer and pray that they shall continue to develop their relationship with the Lord and with others from Basecamp.