Thrive Juniors was another success this year with 34 leaders and 61 children all taking part in a journey of discovery through activities, prayer, worship and discussion. We were able to bring 10 churches across Coventry and Warwickshire together to partake in this exploration of faith. It was truly amazing to see children fully engaged with the story and activities.

The story of Zacchaeus is a well known story of transformation. It shows the growth that we can achieve through building our relationship with God through Jesus. Transformation is a key idea that carries through the entirety of the bible and we are constantly being transformed in our own faith journeys. This day provided an opportunity for the leaders to help their children embrace this change and become excited for the transformation that God has in store for us. 

The small groups were able to have a deeper dive into what it means to be transformed with activities, prayer, and worship ideas all prepared for them. This meant that there could be a real focus on enriching the lives of the children without having to worry about planning or organising. 

Harnessing the idea of creative prayer we were able to provide a physical demonstration of how God takes away the wrongs and makes them right. The children wrote messages on dissolving paper and placed them in pools of water. They also got involved in writing prayers of thanks which they placed on the tree.

The leaders were all so grateful for the opportunity to have a purposeful place for the children to explore faith outside of their own places of worship. The children and leaders also all enjoyed some refreshments which were as a result of the kindness of Tesco. 

The feedback from leaders was entirely positive with some key ideas popping up that we thought we had to share:

“The children loved being part of a bigger scene – sharing fun, worship and learning with others. The theme ‘transformation’ was well developed – children used the word on the following Sunday morning in our own  session together. Good range of activities and excellent that there was a choice between games, crafts and the disappearing paper activity.” – Kathy

It was so exciting to see children gathered together to worship and learn about God after having to avoid gathering for so long. There was so much for the children to do and there was lots of fun as well as lots of opportunity to engage with and reflect on God.” – Ryan 

“We had a great time at Thrive Juniors. I was struck initially at how well organised it was. It was well run, lovely leaders and loved Fiona’s introduction.” – Lizzie

“Seeing the engagement in Christ from all ages was wonderful, definitely was the highlight for me.” – Fiona

The event overall was a success with all the children coming away filled with excitement about what transformations God was planning for them.