On our youth weekend away, we gave each person a gift, a box of Shuffle cards. These are a fantastic resource created by the youth organisation, Youthscape. These cards are designed to encourage young people in their daily walk with God.

Each morning of the weekend, we gave space for people to get into pairs or triplets and to use their Shuffle cards.

Shuffle cards are incredibly simple to use, but can be deeply challenging too. Each box has about 60 cards in and the idea is that each day the person takes the cards out and shuffles them. You then choose a card at random and see if you can take up the challenge that particular card offers. If you don’t like the challenge, simply shuffle and pick a different one.

The challenges vary from personal faith development (eg. focusing on listening to God for 3,6,9 minutes during the day, or rewriting a Psalm in your own words), to evangelism (eg. pray for someone you know, or tell someone what God has done in your life), and practical discipleship (eg. praying through the news bulletin, or giving someone a chocolate bar without them knowing!).

Each morning, everyone took time to use the cards and to either decide on a discipleship challenge that they would all do, or what each individual would do.

The feedback was wonderful, with many people continuing to use them once they returned home. Two youth groups present have since ordered more packs for their young people who weren’t present on the weekend, so they can use them as part of their youth group meetings. One group of young people used their Snapchat group to keep challenging each other over the tasks for the weeks following the weekend.

I am so grateful to a group of Thrive supporters who kindly donated money to Thrive specifically to cover the cost of these packs, which enabled us to bless the young people and their leaders, and to keep encouraging them in their walk with God as a result.

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