Our newly appointed Children’s Ministry Adviser, Fiona Stutton, was invited by Churches Together in Warwick to co-ordinate a twenty minute puppet show as part of their Party in the Park in June, marking the Queen’s 90th birthday. Fiona tells us about her experience:

puppetsCome rain or shine, it didn’t stop the hundreds of children and families coming out for a day in the park.  It was fantastic so see so many people enjoying such an amazing event run by the Churches Together in Warwick.

It was a privilege to be a part of the day, performing puppets in the park.  I’m thankful to my five volunteers from four local churches who met together for rehearsals in the lead up and did a brilliant job performing to the children and families.

The message of God’s love was shared through a variety of puppets, including an elephant singing how big God is, to a little mouse singing that God is small enough to live in our hearts.   A brief story of Jonah was shared using an arrow board and a colour changing silk to remind us that God’s promises are true.

Some quotes from the audience, “We absolutely loved it!”  “God’s presence was really felt in the tent when the puppets were performing!”

One little boy at the end asked the question “Who is God?”  My heart was saddened that he didn’t know, but so grateful for the opportunity to be able to answer his question.

Thank you to everyone involved in Party in the Park for working together and helping to build God’s Kingdom here in Warwick.

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