Dec 23

How to plan for a great year ahead

Reaching the end of the year can carry with it mixed emotions. We can feel tired from the experiences of ministry. We can feel satisfied as we look back on all that has happened in the last twelve months. How do we make the most of our feelings and experiences to plan ahead for the next year so that it might be a great year, regardless of how good or bad the last one was?

planI have previously blogged on this before, and rather than repeating myself, I want to signpost you to these two blog posts:

1 thing you should do to end the year well and make next year even better

This blog post helps you to reflect on how this last year has gone and to start to dream about the next year. There are 4 questions to help you go deeper into how this year has gone, and one question to get you thinking about next year.

How to make this year a significant year

This post walks you through five simple steps to developing some goals and a plan for the next year.

Mark out some time in your diary to do this for your ministry. It is too important not to do. It will help you see more clearly those things you want to focus your attention on, and also see ways God might want to move through you more. It also helps you to realise some of the current activities you do which would best be put to one side, for the sake of being more fruitful in others.

It is not ok to drift in our ministry, merely reacting to whatever happens to come before us. We must spend time seeking God for the way ahead. Of course, we should be doing this all the time, but I find it of great benefit to take a longer time annually to go deeper into this with God, and to get his perspective on what I have been doing and to hear what his hopes are for the year ahead.

Set yourself a day in the next week or two, and get planning for a great year ahead!