Partnering with Thrive has been a very rewarding journey – it’s given clarity, confidence, confirmation and held us to account. Thrive has helped us to see the big picture when we are caught up in the tiny detail and cared deeply for those delivering discipleship to families and young people. Thrive has helped us come so far and has always pointed us to God when we needed it.

Reviewing – About five years ago we asked Andy to do a ‘Taking the Temperature’ report for our youth work at Holy Trinity Church, Coventry. We were between youth workers and had mainly children at that time.

Advising – We were seeking which direction we should go and whether we should change the structure. What we found from the report was that generally what we were doing was good for the children and young people, confusing for the leaders at times and out of

Shortly after Thrive’s report I stepped up to oversee the work with famillies and youth. I have no formal youth work background but there was an important job to do, so with God’s prompting, supernatural support and Andy’s practical advice and listening ear I tried to rise to the challenge.

Mentoring – Andy mentored me every month and helped me work through thoughts and prompts that I had. Thrive supported me to look toward the next step in a changing landscape whilst keeping the bigger picture and God’s vision in focus.

The steps we took as a church were to move family and youth work from something that happened as a satellite mission and to wrap it up in the heart of our church family and worship.

Recruiting – After several years we cautiously took the decision to employ a Family and Youth Coordinator to grow the vision. Thrive helped us review the job role and supported us through the interview and selection process. After we successfully recruited to the post, Thrive remained in contact helping with transition into the role and linking to the local networks for children’s and youth work.

Will you help us continue to support young people whatever life looks like now and in the coming months?