Aug 19

Meeting young people outside of your group time

I just came across an interesting free download from MinistryAllies, offering 43 ideas for starting, growing, and deepening relationships with teenagers outside of traditional youth group programmes. ‘Tear Down the Walls of the Youth Room’ by Nick Arnold is an American publication and so some ideas don’t really translate that well to this side of the Pond, for example taking food in to give out to students in the local high school at lunchtime, can’t see anyone being allowed to do that in this country, unless perhaps you’re Jamie Oliver! But there are some good, simple suggestions such as getting a group of young people to go and support another when they are playing in a sports match or giving a performance of some kind.

I know some people shy away from meeting up with young people outside of group meetings, as there is a fear that our intentions might be misunderstood but discipleship is about sharing life and it is the model that Jesus set us. We need to, of course, make sure that we are safe, that everything is public and we are kept accountable, but hopefully this resource might set your next youth team leaders meeting alive as you think creatively about how you might get alongside your teenagers day to day.