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Serving the Church

Thrive Youth Ministries was created to help more churches reach out and disciple more young people so we can see local churches having a greater impact on their local communities and we will see our churches thriving as a result.

Youth ministry can be tough and frustrating but it can also be the most rewarding ministry when you see a teenager grasp God’s grace and their journey in faith inspires the rest of the church to be all that Christ is asking them to be.

Thrive comes alongside churches: church leaders, youth ministers and volunteer leaders to encourage and cheer them on so we can see more lives changed.

Having a thriving youth ministry is the responsibility of the whole church and it cannot thrive if left only to a few enthusiastic, committed youth leaders. Thrive wants to enable churches to be fruitful in reaching out to young people, discipling effectively and seeing young people fully engage as part of the wider church family.

Taking the Temperature

Taking the Temperature is a process which helps a church to consider constructively its current ministry to young people. Thrive Youth Ministries works alongside a local church over a period of a few months to properly assess current youth provision and to recommend possible enhancements. The review is based around a series of meetings within …

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Building Blocks

This is a process which helps a church develop a specific youth group by visiting the group in action, working with the leaders and providing on going support, training and equipping for the group to grow. Contact us for this service.

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Training youth ministers

Thrive is committed to seeing every church in our area of England have a thriving youth ministry. One of the biggest problems with this is that many churches don’t have much confidence or ability to know how to go about investing in young people. We want to help. We want to see more people becoming …

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Intern Scheme

The Thrive Intern Scheme aims to bring together a bunch of young adults, each giving up a year of their lives to throw themselves into mission, serving, growing young disciples and investing in local churches. It’s a year that is so fruitful that it isn’t so much ‘giving up’ a year, as ‘gaining’. Why do …

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