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Youth workers’ book group is helping leaders grow

I run a monthly book group primarily for youth and schools workers, but am happy to welcome anyone who can make the meetings and wants to invest in young people and our local churches. So we also have one children’s worker, which is fantastic as she adds an extra dimension to our thinking, and forces us to consider the impact of our ministry on wider ages.

We are currently reading through Mark DeVries’ excellent book, ‘Family-based Youth Ministry’. It is not a new book but has been very popular and recently updated and reprinted. Its basic premise is that the traditional model of youth ministry isn’t working and so we need to find out why and look for alternatives. His suggestion is to stop seeing youth ministry as autonomous and to invest more in inter-generational relationships. This means, in our church, we need to enable old and young to spend time together, to care about each other and to serve God together. Outside our churches, it means we need to invest not just in the young people who come to our youth group, but to invest in their family as well. How can churches support parents so that their children grow up knowing God and growing in their faith?

These are the challenges of the book. There are no easy answers but it is certainly raising some great questions!

If you want to be a part of this group, just get in touch.

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