Our latest Thrive Juniors worship event for primary school aged children and their leaders, was a wonderful time of fun, worship and activity, ending with children dancing for joy to the songs of worship.

It was great to see St Mary’s Church packed with 117 children from 14 different churches across our local area.  They began the afternoon with games related to teddy bears. Jemima Strain, local Methodist minister, introduced our theme by linking teddy bears to comfort. When we feel down, we quite often cling to our teddies, but we have a great God who can bring us real comfort in times of need. It was a pleasure to have our worship led by our Thrive youth worship band who did an amazing job teaching a new song and leading us worship.  We had a brilliant puppet mime done to music led by the puppet team from Foleshill Baptist Church.

The sketch highlighted how the puppets were being bullied.  Each time, another puppet tried to cheer them up, but nothing would help.  At the end, the three upset puppets were shown hearts representing God’s love and a sign that said “God is our comforter”.  To which the puppets looked up to.  This led into the talk reminding children that wherever they are, God can bring comfort.  Following on from this, we had four zones for the children to do, which included 1) games 2) craft – making heart decorations with the memory verse in it. 3) A quiet space with bibles, word searches and colouring sheets. 4) A prayer zone, where they could pray for each other, the world and also ask God to comfort them as they stood in a paddling pool and became surrounded by a large bubble that went over them.


We wrapped up the afternoon with the song “the greatest day.” Seeing so many children dancing to that song was a real joy to watch. We want to thank all the children for coming and the leaders for bringing them.

God’s presence there was incredible and we thank God for blessing us with a truly amazing afternoon.

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