Luke Distin joined Thrive’s team in early September as the staff team assistant. We took some time to ask him some questions so that we can all get to know him.

Why have you come to Thrive and what do you hope to get out of it?
I have come to Thrive because early last year I was prayed for and I was seen to be a missionary spreading and preaching the word of God. Over the last year I’ve been on an incredible journey with God, meeting lots of different people and being prayed and prophesied over. Then when my GCSEs finally came around I came out of my first exam with my heart knowing that an academic route isn’t for me. This isn’t to say I did terribly in my GCSEs or even found them particularly difficult, I just realised that it isn’t what I’m going to do.

After a short interlude whilst my mum and I looked for possibilities of what I was going to do in the next year, we came across Thrive and began talking with Andy. We set up a meeting and everything seemed great and we were all on track to me starting at Thrive this September.

I must admit I was scared during the summer as to how helpful I would be and what I would be doing. I went on a mission trip with my church’s youth group to Northern Ireland and it was the best week of my life, very much cementing my life as meant to be a missionary.

When I came back, I was still slightly worried about Thrive until I was sent a role and events description from Andy. I realised that what I’d be doing at Thrive would be similar to what I did on the mission week (with a bit more office work). I realised Thrive is definitely the place for me. From Thrive I hope to gain experience in a Christian work environment as well as various different skills that I’ll need when I’m older working as a preacher.

What’s your role?
I’m currently serving the role of “Staff team assistant” which means that I help out the team in any way I can. This ranges from writing up reports of events to laminating sheets of paper; or helping at events as a person planning or simply being on the welcome team. My role is incredibly versatile and I simply hope to be as much help to the team as I possibly can.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

If you could star in a movie, what would it be?
Star Wars

What gets you going in the morning?
A cup of coffee, or two

Where’s your favourite place you’d travel to?
Settle in the North, I spent a large part of my childhood up there as my grandparents lived there, and I always enjoyed it.

What would you miss if you could no longer have it?

What’s your most meaningful passage of scripture and why?
Romans 12: 1-2 as this was the passage given to me that started my new journey with Christ and has ultimately led me to where I am today with Thrive.

Who’s your role model and why?
The music artist Stormzy as I find his faith amazing and although some of the lyrics of his songs are fairly explicit I can’t get over how amazing his faith and trust in God is considering his upbringing and everything that’s happened to him.

How many days do you wear your socks for before putting them in the wash?
One, I try to be as hygienic as possible

If you could play any instrument what would it be?
A Swedish Nyckelharpa as it is incredibly difficult and therefore impressive to play and is also incredibly versatile.

What’s your view on marmite?
Love it but only in the right quantities.


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