Oct 09

Thrive’s trustees set bold vision for the year ahead

Last week, Thrive’s trustees met for our termly trustees’ meeting and to set the strategy and budget for 2015. Thrive Youth Ministries is an independent, registered charity and is required to have a board of trustees to provide oversight for the management of the organisation. We are fortunate to have, currently, 3 very committed, Godly trustees, who have been on the Thrive journey since the start almost 3 years ago.

Thrive's trustees set vision

Thrive’s trustees set vision to include Children’s Ministry

For a while now we have sensed that we need to grow as an organisation and we have been exploring how this might happen. One way we want to grow is by investing in Children’s Ministry. Many churches are not ready to explore how they can grow their youth ministry because they are struggling to maintain their contact with the children in their context. Thrive wants to invest in this ministry so that churches will have some young people in a few years’ time, so we can then help them develop a youth ministry programme which will be authentic and outreaching.

The strategy and budget have been set to explore looking to invite a Children’s Ministry Specialist to our team. Currently we do not have the money to fulfil this role but we believe it is where God is guiding us. Please would you join us in praying for this role to come to fruition and if you would like to support us financially in making this new position a reality, that would be wonderful. We realise this is a complete step of faith, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Richard Colpus is Chair of Thrive Youth Ministries and is Youth Development worker at St Luke’s Church, in Reigate, Surrey. Richard has known Thrive’s director, Andy Castle, for many years having trained at the same college and having been neighbouring youth workers in West London.

Vikki Bisiker is Thrive’s Secretary and also assistant curate at St Nicholas’ Church, Radford Semele. Vikki runs a youth group from her own home and has a passion for seeing people flourishing in their faith.

Simon Archer is our Treasurer and also a deacon at Leamington Spa Baptist Church. Simon works in industry with Severn Trent Water. He works with Andy in overseeing the young people who lead First Sunday each month.

We are looking to grow our board of trustees and if this is something that might interest you, please get in touch with Andy Castle.