Jan 16

Thrive’s trustees meet for vision and prayer day

Last week, Thrive’s director, Andy Castle, met with the trustees of Thrive Youth Ministries, for a wonderful day of prayer and seeking God for further vision for the charity.

It was great to start the day by giving thanks for the last two years and all that has happened so far, before we started to look ahead to the future. There was much to give thanks for: the different churches we have been involved with, the youth leaders and young people, Growing Leaders courses, the worship leaders course, the youthwork network, the list goes on.

Taking our starting point of ‘living things either grow or die’ we spent time asking how might Thrive grow over the next five or so years. It can be a real challenge to know how best to grow, whilst maintaining the uniqueness of Thrive and its values. We spent time exploring whether to grow geographically or more deeply within our current area. We also explored the opportunity to develop a children’ support arm to Thrive. All are very exciting options. Whilst, no definite decisions were made as we offered these to God for his guidance, we did feel a first step to be exploring how we support churches with the transition stage of ministry, helping children move into youth work. This can be a difficult stage for people and it is often an age where churches see young people leave. There is a real need to help churches think through how they can work well with 9-12 year olds so that they can straddle the transition from children’s groups to youth groups, and offer useful support as they change from primary to secondary school.

We also spent time considering how the roles of trustees work best and how they can be developed. As a result, we are currently looking for two more people to join the trustees team. Please pray for us as we prayerfully consider who might be good for these roles, so that we can see Thrive continue and grow and be a useful resource and support to local churches.