It can be challenging to keep coming up with fresh ideas for creative worship.  Inspiration can be lacking and for Fiona Stutton, unless she has the opportunity to see something new, she has no idea it’s out there.  That led to Thrive pulling together an evening of sharing various forms of creative arts in ministry to inspire our leaders and to give them opportunities of discovering something new.

The evening covered drama, dance, puppets, flags, ballooning and sticks.  We then moved into black light topics using ultra violet lighting. These arts included handmime (making shapes, words and images using hands wearing white gloves), floobies (again making shapes, words and images but using firm but flexible fabric tubes) and ultra violet puppets.  We talked through how these various forms could all be used in worship. We also looked at the benefits of involving children and young people in taking part and ways to make a what you do genuine worship rather than a great performance.


The idea of covering various items in one night was to give leaders a chance to discover new forms of creative ministry.  Following on from this, Thrive are now looking to run training events on specific arts that proved to have lots of interest from the attendees to help develop skills and enhance worship in their local church.


“It was a really great evening! It got us thinking outside the box about how we might engage our children and young people better in worship. As a team we’re looking forward to take some of the ideas and use them in our context.”  Megan Bishop – Holy Trinity Coventry.


‘As the evening progressed I found out more and more opportunities through which, as a children’s worker, I could implement various ways of worship.’ Cami – Foleshill Baptist


‘I really enjoyed the evening, seeing different ways to use creative arts in worship, being inspired and encouraged to try something different or use the skills we already have in new ways.  I am looking forward to taking some ideas, especially the flags, puppets and sticks, back to share with our team and seeing how God will use these in the future.’ Ruth Powell – Foleshill Baptist

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