Nov 27

Thrive partners with Leamington Baptist for First Sunday

First Sunday has been a ministry overseen by Leamington Spa Baptist Church for many years. It has gone through various phases but at its heart has always been a desire to draw together Christian young people in the local area to worship together on the First Sunday of the month.

DECEMBER FIRST SUNDAYThe services are designed, hosted and led by young people from local churches and there are a group of seven young people who currently head up this event. Thrive’s Andy Castle works with Simon Archer, from the baptist church, to oversee the leadership and to equip them for their roles.

First Sunday is a great opportunity for young people to try out new gifts and talents as they can lead the services, operate the sound and visuals, play in the worship band, be creative, pray and welcome visitors. There isn’t anything which they can’t try their hand at if they want to. The hope is that as they discover new skills, they will take these back to their own churches and get involved with serving there.

Thrive Youth Ministries is now formally partnering with Leamington Baptist to take this project forward, to see more young people grow in leadership and to actively attract and include more youth groups from the area.

The team have been working hard on a special, Christmas worship service which takes place on Sunday 7th December at the Baptist Church in Chandos Street, Leamington. It runs from 8-9.30pm and is aimed at young people 13+. The event will have some games, some interaction, worship, drama, festive treats and a short talk. It will be a chance to focus on the Christmas story from a fresh angle and inspire people to be bold in living for Jesus.

If you are a youth leader, please come with your young people. If you’re not, feel free to send along any teenagers you think might benefit from the service. Please spread the word!