In April, 17 leaders, representing 8 local churches, gathered together for a training evening hosted by Thrive’s Andy Castle. The evening explored how mentoring young people can be an effective discipleship tool for the 21st Century.

The evening was lively and involved plenty of discussion in small groups as well as thinking through how mentoring might help individual church settings.

With many churches struggling to run traditional youth groups, largely due to lack of availability of leaders, mentoring could be a constructive method of purposefully getting alongside individual young people and walking the discipleship path with them.

During the event, Andy taught on what mentoring is and isn’t, showed the importance of the role of mentor as well as teaching some key skills required for mentoring to be effective and worthwhile. He also explained briefly some steps to take if a church wanted to set up a mentoring scheme within a church setting.

The hope is that every young person within our churches can have access to a mentor, an adult who is willing to meet with them for one hour once per month. Outside of these times, it is an opportunity for the mentor to be praying for the young person and to be supporting them in whatever ways are appropriate. This can be especially appropriate in churches where there are not enough young people to set up a youth group. Make sure each teenager has an adult investing in them.

Equally, it works well in the larger churches where young people can easily be overlooked or treated as a group and not as individuals.

If you would like help in setting up a mentoring scheme in your church, get in touch.

Some of the feedback from the participants:

“It was useful, relaxed, informal and friendly.”

“very eye-opening for myself and our church can surely benefit from it”

“Engaging and encouraging. Thank you, Thrive”

“The single most helpful thing were the ideas and practical, realistic advice”

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