Jul 10

How Thrive can help local churches

There are many ways that Thrive Youth Ministries is trying to help and support local churches as they try to reach out to, and disciple, young people. Our vision is to see every church in our area of England have some kind of meaningful youth ministry taking place. We want to help churches be confident in what they do, encouraging them to try new initiatives and to resource them in whatever ways they need.

How Thrive can help local churches

How Thrive can help local churches

How Thrive can help a particular church very much depends on what the present reality is of that church. If they are in a position to employ a youth minister, then we can mentor them so that they are growing in their leadership. Mentoring also helps them to talk through issues with someone outside their direction situation but who understands the challenges of youth ministry. Mentoring helps a leader set goals and to talk through where God may be leading them.

If a church is uncertain as to how to develop their youth work, or even how to start something, Thrive runs a simple review process called Taking the Temperature. This is a programme which runs over a period of two or three months and Thrive will meet with various different groups of members of the church, including leaders and young people, to try to ascertain what values the church currently holds which may help or hinder youth ministry. After this review, Thrive can sit down with the church and help them seek God for how they should best build a youth ministry.

If a church has a youth group, Building Blocks helps leaders think through what they are trying to do, how they can improve the group and how they can grow as leaders. It happens by meeting once or twice per term, to discuss issues of vision, strategy, planning and keys to a growing group, as well as having time each meeting to talk through any immediate issues or challenges facing the group.

Thrive will always meet with church leaders who have a concern over young people but are not sure how best to develop this ministry in their church.

Thrive can offer specific training for a group of leaders from a local church to help them engage with young people, mentor, disciple and invest in their group.

How is Thrive supporting your church? Why not ask you church leader. If you think Thrive can help your church, do get in touch.