Aug 11

Running for Thrive

running for Thrive

Seven runners took part in the Warwickshire Two Castles Run in June. Well, actually, there were a lot more than seven, but we’re only interested in Tom Stone, Jon Stone, Ross Caws, Bill Evans, Simon Whitley, Lisa Whitley, and Kirsten-Lee Davies. Why these seven? Because they ran for Thrive.

Wearing Thrive t-shirts, these seven helped put our charity in front of thousands of people. That deserves a huge thank you.

Tom Stone is one of the young leaders involved with the First Sunday youth service hosted by Leamington Spa Baptist Church and Thrive. He also ran the fastest time of our group – 43 minutes 9 seconds – well done to him!

Thrive can’t exist without supporters like these. Raising funds, or simply raising our profile, is vital to our ongoing ministry working with churches in Warwickshire to reach young people, and enable them to thrive for Christ.

So, thanks to all our runners who helped more people see Thrive. We pray that God will prompt those people to consider how they can support our work, and help young people to grow as disciples.

And, if you fancy getting involved yourself, why not do a sponsored event for Thrive? The next Two Castles Run is not until 2016 – plenty of time for training! Or, if you like a challenge, the Great Birmingham Run is in October…

Even if you’re not a runner, there are any number of things you could do to raise funds and the profile of Thrive. Be creative! We would welcome your support.

Thank you.