Over 24hours in September, Thrive held a retreat for youth and children’s workers from around the Warwickshire area.

As the leaders started arriving at around half past three on Monday we started by getting them drinks and chatting, making introductions between leaders who had never met each other before. The whole vibe was relaxed and everyone felt at ease.

We hoped to give these dedicated leaders a period of relaxation and retreat to spend with God and provide all their needs along with some teaching.

“It was brilliantly lead, really useful sessions, great to network with other youth leaders who understand the highs and lows of ministry and a great balance between ‘lead sessions’ and quiet time alone with God.”

“Thank you for organising and planning this event. It was my first retreat and it was such a Holy and God filled time for me. You all served in such a way that made me feel relaxed and closer to God, than I’ve felt for a long time. Thank you again, for sharing your experiences and knowledge of our great God. I feel totally blessed to have experienced how God works amongst us and through us.”

feedback from some of the participants

After everyone had arrived we all gathered together and Andy gave the first talk of the retreat, introducing everyone formally and talked about what the goal of a retreat was: to switch off from work and everything else and just listen to God. He then spoke on Ephesians 3:14-21 before giving everyone a bit of time to themselves while dinner was prepared.

Following our evening meal, we gathered in the lounge area and had some fun and games before people started disappearing off to bed and a select few stayed up a bit too late!

The next morning, breakfast was served before Fiona gave the second talk of the two day period. Fiona talked about keeping a godly perspective. There was then a chance for some silent individual retreat up until lunchtime.

After lunch we had our final talk given by Andy which was used to think about the importance of doing what God wants over what people want. He also spoke about taking care of ourselves and not letting ourselves be drained spiritually, emotionally and physically.

After this the two day retreat was up and people left to return to their regular lives and jobs keeping in mind the lessons learned and appreciating the time allowed to spend with their heavenly father.

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