Sep 14

Re: vision

How Thrive can help local churchesFor almost four years Thrive has been working with churches in Warwickshire to enable effective outreach and discipleship in the area. We’ve achieved much, but we want to do more.

Churches are at the centre of our vision as we look ahead. Without the support of churches, both ‘on the ground’ and financially, we can’t hope to see more young disciples of Christ. So we’ve been looking at how we can develop our relationships with those we work with to ensure our resources have a significant impact.

We want to build partnerships with churches, working with a key person to look at what needs to change in their church to improve their youth work – and then to begin to make those changes. We want churches to be actively aspiring to embody the characteristics of a thriving youth ministry. And we need churches who will commit to supporting Thrive through regular giving as we work together to reach young people for Jesus.

Through partnering with Thrive, churches will have discounted access to Thrive training and events, joining the Youth Work Network (YWN) to connect with like-minded churches to achieve more.

We recognise not all churches have enough young people to make some initiatives viable. Youth weekends away, or the youth Growing Leaders, just aren’t possible with too few. The YWN seeks to solve this very real problem, allowing smaller youth groups to go on weekends away together, for example, pooling resources while spending focused time with their own young people. The YWN also provides opportunities for youth workers to meet, share best practices, joys – and frustrations – with others facing the same issues.

And, as part of this revised vision, we want to appoint a Children’s Ministry Adviser at Thrive to start the growth of young disciples at an early age.

When Jesus sent out his disciples, it wasn’t safe. They were ‘like sheep among wolves’ – it was risky business. 2000 years later, it’s the same: we still need to step out of our comfort zone if we want to see real change.

This re-visioning of Thrive is the first small step into the unknown. We hope that, as we step out, you’ll join us, capturing our vision, so that we can stride out boldly as one and see a real, lasting difference in young people in Warwickshire.

If you’d like to know more, please do contact Andy to discuss how he can work with you to achieve this vision. And please support our work by making a donationThrive is funded by the gifts of our generous supporters and we cannot continue to make a difference to young people without your support.

Thank you.