If we are to be effective, we need to set time aside to plan properly.Not just what’s happening this week, but where is the  work heading?


Spending time on seeking vision, developing strategy and creating a long term plan ensures that the ministry grows and remains rooted properly.

But it can be all too easy to overlook these vital steps. In this section, we provide ideas and links to great resources across the internet to keep you inspired and to encourage you to think long term. It is time never wasted.


Strategy & Vision

It is very easy to go from day to day, youth group meeting to youth group meeting without thinking any more than ‘what do we need to do next time?’ However, if we afford ourselves the privilege of taking time away from the busyness of the routine, to stop, to seek God and to pray …

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Thrive Youth Ministries exists to enable churches to be better equipped to reach out to young people. This can be an area where people struggle to know exactly what to do and how to go about it. We have gathered on this page some websites we recommend to help you. Let us know if you find …

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Small Group

Small groups are a very effective way of discipling young people. They are able to contribute more easily, feel a sense of belonging and can encourage each other in their individual development. Here are some websites which help resource small groups. Cell Groups more than a passing fad. Cell ideas is aimed at adult groups, …

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Whether it’s going away for a weekend house party or taking a group away on a week long holiday with other groups, residentials are a vital part of any youth ministry’s calendar It’s a great idea to find the right destination for your group and put some dates in the diary. Follow the links to …

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Opportunities to work with local schools are worth making the most of… Fortunately there are some really useful resources available which provide advice, ideas for assemblies and inspiration for being creative in serving our schools. Follow the links to some great ideas for schools work… Scripture Union have developed an online assembly material site…full of …

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Health & Safety

It is essential that churches and youth leaders work within good practice boundaries and do all that they can to ensure that work with young people is safe, thought through and beyond reproach. Time spent thinking through matters of health and safety as well as child protection is never time wasted and should protect both the …

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