This week’s blog post is a bit different. I want to make available to you a resource to download. As youth leaders, we are all looking for new, creative ways to engage young people in prayer and to harness their attention and passion for God. One such way of doing this is by use of special events. I want to offer you such an event here.

youth prayer night resource
Host your own youth prayer night resource

A friend of mine, Jenni Norris, is a youth minister at St John’s Church, Hartley Wintney, and is a leader whom I mentor each month. She is doing a fantastic work and over the Easter weekend, she held a night of prayer for her young people. When I heard about it, I loved it and thought it would fantastic to be able to share with others what she had created. We all new resources, don’t we?!

So here is all you need to host your own youth prayer night. Here’s what included in host your own prayer night resource:

  • a clear timetabled plan of the evening, which includes a prayer walk, worship time, video clips, labyrinth prayer experience and fun, social times
  • clear instructions and resources list for setting up the prayer zone
  • printable instruction cards to use at each prayer station, to clearly explain to the young people how they can engage with the material


You might not want to run this over an Easter weekend, or Easter may be too far off for you to wait that long, but I hope this material will inspire you to do your own thing, to provide young people with fresh, new ways of meeting with God and spending time in his presence.

Having a night of prayer may seem a bit too optimistic for your young people to consider, but if we raise the bar on what our expectations of them are, we can often be surprised by how well they respond. Give it a go!

You can download the host your own prayer night resource here.

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