Sixteen year old, Luke Distin, has been volunteering with Thrive since September, working as Thrive’s Staff Team Assistant. Luke has been a wonderful asset to our staff team. He’s helped prepare for our key youth & children’s events, has stepped out in teaching other young people and has turned his hand to whatever task we have needed him to do. As Luke moves on in June to take up an intern position with Youth For Christ, we asked Luke to tell us what the last year has been like for him.

Luke writes….

The last 9 months have been some of the most important of my life. I have spent the year growing and learning and getting to try new things as a result of my internship with Thrive. I’ve grown as a leader and as a Christian as the result of my time with the growing leaders course. I’ve had plenty of time to spend learning and growing in my faith and relationship with God.

I’ve been given opportunities to lead and preach at events such as the youth weekend away as well as being allowed time for any opportunities that I might get outside of Thrive to try out leading worship or preaching etc.

The last year in general has been a great opportunity for growth in my faith and in my life, and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for it. To be entirely honest as well the people who work at Thrive make the whole experience a lot better. It’s hard to believe we get work done with the constant stream of banter and laughs going on in the office and it has done nothing short of making me feel welcome and right at home. Andy, Fi and Graham are without a doubt the best co-workers I could have asked for. There’s always support when needed and no-one has any issues with anyone else and everyone is there ready to support one another and all I can hope is that I was a useful addition to the team and was more of a help than a burden.

I’ve also been able to make many Christian friends my own age through Thrive with not just the opportunities at the weekend away and with Growing Leaders but also any event run by Thrive you can be sure that there will always be some young people to help out and make new friends with. I’ve also been able to make good friends and contacts with a few youth/children’s leaders and to be perfectly honest I don’t think the young people in Warwickshire could have asked for a better lot of people to help them grow up.

Many thanks to everyone I’ve been able to share some time with this year.

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