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Thrive’s Vision

Thrive's visionThrive Youth Ministries is based in Leamington Spa and the current vision is to enable effective outreach and discipleship in Leamington and Warwick, and the surrounding area.

Our aim is to:

  • Build on existing, good youth work
    • build on the heritage of good work taking place for young people across Leamington, Warwick and the surrounding area.
    • support existing ministries and organisations working together to be even more effective.
  • Help churches reach more young people
    • help churches carry out an audit on their youth work and to see areas for growth.
    • help churches discover and develop a youth vision and strategy.
    • enable new ways of outreach and build on opportunities in the local context.
    • encourage effective discipleship through programmes, mentoring and shared experiences.
  • Train and equip leaders to be effective
    • young people take a gap year to serve in churches across the area, overseen and trained by Thrive.
    • continue running the Growing Leaders – Youth Edition course each year.
    • run a course to help youth leaders grow and develop.
    • develop a series of one-off training events to teach, train and equip Christians to reach out and disciple the next generation.
  • Mentor youth ministers
    • encourage, support and mentor youth ministry leaders, whether employed or voluntary.
    • facilitate mutual support for leaders in youth ministry across the local churches.
  • Create a website for all youth ministry needs
    • provide one site which links a leader quickly to useful resources eg games ideas, teaching resources, video clips.
    • offer quick training and inspirational thoughts for the busy youth leader.
    • a one-stop shop for youth ministry needs.
  • See more young people come to faith in Jesus
    • empower young people to set the example to older believers on how to live for Christ.
    • enable young people to share their faith with those around them.

To find out more, contact Thrive using this contact form.