Thrive Leaders’ Networks

The Thrive Leaders Network exists to bring together primarily employed leaders in our churches, to inspire, resource and create stronger relationships across the Church.

We have a Youth Work Network for those involved with young people, and a Children’s Work Network for those who focus on under 11s.

Our networks are open to anyone who wants to join in and can come from right across Thrive’s region.

Youth Work Network

Youthwork Network logoOur Youth Work Network takes place in Leamington once per term in Coffee #1. We meet from 2-3pm (usually on a Thursday) and is a chance to update each other on what God has been doing in the different ministries, to share concerns and to connect with opportunities to work together. Of course, we also want to pray for each other.

Children’s Work Network

There are two Children’s Work Networks at the moment: one based in Leamington and one in Coventry. Each of these try to meet half termly and the venue and time varies depending on people’s availability. The format is similar to that of the Youth Work Network gatherings.

Join a network

Complete a contact form if you would like to be a part of either of these networks and we will let you know when and where the next meeting is taking place.