Youth Growing Leaders

The 2019 course has already started. Our next course starts in September 2020.

Youth Growing Leaders is a course we run to enable Christian young people to grow in leadership gifting and ability.

This page explains more about the course, includes some video testimonies and explains how you can apply online.

Hear from participants from the 2018 Youth Growing Leaders Course

“It was great learning about what gifts we have so we could work out which area of leadership we should be in.”

“Thank you so much for running this course. It has definitely changed my life for the best!”

feedback from previous participants

GL14-15 fun photo2 webWho is it for?

The course is open to anyone who will be in year 10 and above from September, is a committed Christian and feels that leadership may be something that they want to grow in.

Do you want to understand more of what plans God has for you?

Do you want to help lead others to know Jesus?

Do you want to be more confident in your faith?

Join us for Youth Growing Leaders!

What is it?

Growing Leaders meets monthly from September to April. The course runs for 8 sessions (Monday evenings 7-9pm), including two sessions which are overnighters (Saturday afternoon – Sunday afternoon)!

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about leadership, identify your gifts and develop your character, helping you to grow and lead more like Jesus.

The course is designed for those who are Christian, who want to grow in Christian leadership, and want to learn how to effectively use the gifts God has given them.


This year we are running two courses: one in Leamington Spa and one in Coventry.

Who runs it?

Andy Castle, CEO and founder of Thrive Youth Ministries, hosts both courses with different youth leaders from across the area.

How to apply

  1. Chat with your parents/guardians and your youth leader about whether they think this is a good time for you to do the course.
  2. Pray about it.
  3. By applying you are making a commitment to the course and will be expected to attend all the sessions.
  4. As part of the course, you will be assigned a mentor who you should meet up with monthly to see how you’re getting on, what things are challenging you and to make sure you’re growing!
  5. There are limited spaces on the course so it is of crucial importance that those chosen are able to commit 100% to this opportunity.
  6. When the window for application is open, complete your application form online

youth weekend away

What is Growing Leaders?

Growing leaders – youth edition is a course originally written by CPAS although over the years Thrive has adapted it. It is run in Leamington and Coventry each year for young people aged 14-18.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about leadership, identify gifts and develop in Christ-like character, helping young people grow and lead more like Jesus.

Find out what previous participants thought about the course


youtube  See all the video testimonies.