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Developing Children & Young People

Developing young peopleThrive Youth Ministries exists because we long to see young people living life to the full, becoming all that God has made them for, daring to dream wild dreams and to take bold steps in making a difference to the world around them.

Much of what we do is to work with those who lead the young people, but we also want to make sure that we are investing in young people directly and enabling them to lead well.

Right from an early age, we want children to experience God for themselves and to love his Church. As they grow older, we hope they will know that there are Christians their age in the area in other churches. Thrive helps bring these different churches together so that we can all worship together and build strong relationships across the churches.

Thrive Youth Weekend Away

Booking has now closed. Basecamp is on Friday 31st January – 2nd February 2020. The purpose of the weekend is to gather youth groups from across Warwickshire together to worship God, build friendships and have fun! What is it? It’s called Basecamp because we all need to retreat back to God’s base, to learn more about …

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Worship Course

This is a course for anyone aged 14-18 who is a Christian and also a musician. The course helps you develop your musical skills, understand what true worship is and grow your talents to lead others in worship. There is a mixture of opportunities for discussion, input, time alone, fun and prayer. If you are …

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Youth Growing Leaders

The 2019 course has already started. Our next course starts in September 2020. Youth Growing Leaders is a course we run to enable Christian young people to grow in leadership gifting and ability. This page explains more about the course, includes some video testimonies and explains how you can apply online. Hear from participants from the 2018 …

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Thrive Juniors

The next Thrive Juniors will be on Saturday March 28th 2020 What is Thrive Juniors? Thrive Juniors is a children’s worship event we started in 2018 and runs twice a year.  It’s for children & their leaders from different churches across the area to come and meet together and worship as one. Thrive Juniors is for …

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