At the heart of Thrive Youth Ministries is the desire to get alongside churches and those involved in youth & children’s ministries, to inspire, equip and encourage them to be more effective in reaching out and discipling the next generations.

To enable us to be most effective, we are focusing primarily on a specific graphical location: based in Leamington Spa we try to focus on a half hour radius by car, incorporating Coventry in the North, Rugby in the East and Stratford Upon Avon in the South West. This ensures that we are walking alongside churches, to actively resource them and to share the journey together. This does not mean we never work outside this region, but it is our main area of focus.

‘Thrive is committed to supporting youth leaders, developing young people in faith and to serving the Church.’

Thrive’s Vision

Thrive Youth Ministries is based in Leamington Spa and the current vision is to enable effective outreach and discipleship in Leamington and Warwick, and the surrounding area. Our aim is to: Build on existing, good youth work build on the heritage of good work taking place for young people across Leamington, Warwick and the surrounding …

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Supporting Youth & Children’s Leaders

Thrive exists to cheer on all those involved in leading, discipling and reaching out to children and/or young people. Whether you are an employed leader or a volunteer, Thrive wants to support, encourage and equip you to keep going and to be fruitful in your ministry. There are many different ways in which Thrive tries to …

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Developing Children & Young People

Thrive Youth Ministries exists because we long to see young people living life to the full, becoming all that God has made them for, daring to dream wild dreams and to take bold steps in making a difference to the world around them. Much of what we do is to work with those who lead …

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Serving the Church

Thrive Youth Ministries was created to help more churches reach out and disciple more young people so we can see local churches having a greater impact on their local communities and we will see our churches thriving as a result. As Thrive started, we realised that many churches don’t have any young people so the …

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Thrive’s training events

Alongside our regular network meetings and hubs for youth and children’s leaders, we hold training events throughout the year. Here are our are forthcoming training events.  

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