The weekly youth group session can come around all too quickly and sometimes, just sometimes, we can run out of fresh ideas. Well, help is at hand!

The links in this part of Thrive’s website will provide you with links to tried and tested resources from the best of the web. Whether it’s a fast-paced icebreaker to kick off the meeting, a thoughtful discussion starter or a creative worship idea, you should find what you’re looking for here.

There are resources for you in this section, just scroll down!

Teaching Resources

Looking for some ideas on a particular theme? In a hurry and need a ready to use meeting guide?   Have a look through some of these pages for inspiration, follow the links to some great teaching materials. offer ideas for the ‘God slot’ in an open youth club setting. Themes include happiness, fame …

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Special Events

Take the time to build into your annual programme special events which act as milestones in the development of the group and the young people. Whether they are social events, evangelistic or deepening discipleship, they will be the events that young people look back on with fondness and be the year’s highlights.   Follow the links …

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Media Illustrations

Movie Clips Films are a significant part of youth culture and so using clips from movies can often grab a young person’s attention or help them understand biblical concepts more easily These sites will help you find a clip you need on the theme you’re teaching. Movie clip discussions, a great database of movies and illustrations. …

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What would a youth group be without those essential games? Those elements of the meeting, which inject fun, laughter and help the young people interact with one another. But it’s not always easy finding that creative, never-been-played-before game. There are a wealth of books available crammed full of games, but there are also loads of …

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Worship Ideas

Worship should be relevant to the people involved and be led in a way that makes it easy for everyone to connect with God. These websites offer opportunities, ideas and resources to enable creativity in worship and encourage leaders to try different ideas.   Follow the links to some great ideas on worship. offer …

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There are loads of resources online to help teachers, clergy, youth ministers and church members give the very best assembly time after time. There is never an excuse for the students to be bored! Here are some of the best sites we know of: have a bank of assemblies for both primary and secondary …

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