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Helping more churches to invest in young people

Over the last month Thrive has worked with two churches which we haven’t been involved with before. This is always exciting and it is wonderful to see how slowly Thrive’s reputation is spreading and churches in our local area are starting to contact Thrive to ask for help.

helping more Churches to invest in young peopleThe two churches are quite different, one is a village church in Bishop’s Itchington; the other, an urban church on the outskirts of Coventry city centre. Both have very different needs and are in different places with their youth ministry. What has been wonderful is being able to meet up with adults who are committed to seeing young people come into a living faith with Jesus and are prepared to invest time and energy to enable this to happen.

One church has no youth group at the moment and so we have taken time to review the past, to explore the current needs and to meet with the young people connected with the church to explore what they would like to see from a church youth group. This was a real privilege as here was a group of eight teenagers who all wanted to belong more to the church, be more involved, to be invested in and discipled so that they could know God better. I am very excited about the future with this church and these young people. Thrive’s role is to keep supporting and resourcing the church as it seeks to develop a youth ministry which reflects the nature of their local community, their church and their young people.

The other church has a midweek youth group which has doubled in number over the last few months, from 15 to 30, and are starting to struggle with too few leaders, and future direction for the ministry. I met with two fantastic volunteer leaders recently and the church’s associate minister, to explore how things could grow and how these young people could be discipled well. This was just the start of our conversation and I am committed to get alongside them more, to visit their group one evening and to explore together how God may want to develop this ministry.

What I love about these kinds of meetings is the privilege of being able to see God at work in different contexts, different settings and with different people; but he is always at work. We just need to keep looking to him for his solutions, his plans and his Church.

To find out more about how Thrive can help local churches, visit our Thrive locally section of the website.

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