Mar 24

Are you growing in these areas as a leader?

Last week I met with some youth leaders for a regular support meeting and we got onto the vital subject of investing in ourselves. What we do is so important. We are in a privileged position as youth leaders. We have influence over young people at a critical time in their lives and in their overall development. What are we modelling to them?

 growing as a leaderIt can be easy to think only ever of the young people themselves and what they want. All we do is focused around them, their needs, concerns and desires. However, maybe we need to look at things slightly differently sometimes. As leaders we are role models to those we lead. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “imitate me as I imitate Christ”. Whether we like it or not, those we lead will be looking at us for how to live our lives, what’s important and what being a Christian looks like. If we don’t hold the mirror up to ourselves sometimes, how will we know if we are good people to follow?

The reality is that following Jesus is a life experience. It’s not a one off encounter, but a path we choose to follow where we are continually trying to grow closer to God in how we choose to live our lives. Here are five ways we should be growing as leaders:


1. Grow in faith

What are you doing to grow in your faith? Are you regularly reading your Bible? Are you practising spiritual disciplines? Could you set time aside to learn verses of the Bible? We need to be active in our discipleship and following after God. All relationships need to be worked at, our relationship with God is no different.


2. Grow in Christlikeness

2 Corinthians 3:18 talks about being transformed into the likeness of Christ. This is a work in progress for all of us but we need to be looking for ways we can be investing in this growth. What area of your life might God wanting to be working on right now? It might be a question of obedience, a bad habit we’ve got into or developing more patience, love or kindness, or one of the other fruit of the Spirit.


3. Grow in fellowship

We are not designed to live alone and Christians are most effective when rooted in a local church. How are you doing in your relationships with other believers? Are you fully stuck in at your church or are you a sporadic attender? The reality is the young people will look at you for what’s ok. If you don’t go often, then why would they want to? Do you go to church for what you can get out of it or for what you can offer? Being part of a small group or triplet is a fantastic way to invest in other people’s lives and receive support yourself. What ways are you growing in fellowship with other believers and praying with others?


4. Grow in skills

We can all be better leaders. What do you need to invest in right now? What skill would you love to develop? It could be being better at leading a discussion, starting conversations with young people or knowing how to pray with someone. All these things can be learnt and we just need to take some time to do this. As we grow in our skills and our competency as leaders, we grow in confidence in what we do. It is easy to feel uncomfortable in youth work or to feel that we are not good enough, yet so many skills needed can be learnt simply by taking the time. Get a good book or go to a conference.


5. Grow in gifts

God loves to give gifts to his children. What gifts has he given you? How are you using them? What gifts would you like him to give to you? We are told to eagerly desire spiritual gifts. Whether this is teaching, administration, pastoring or prophecy. If you’re a Christian, he’s giving you gifts to use for the benefit of the church so make sure you’re using them.


We need to grow in these areas so that we are living life in all it’s fulness and thriving. When our young people see us growing in these ways, we become very inspiring people to follow and they will want to grow more too.

 Set yourself one challenge where you want to grow in each of the five areas then see if there is someone you trust who you can share these with or you might like to leave a comment in the box below.