May 22

Great fun celebrating 4 years of youth Growing Leaders course

Last Sunday we joined with the regular morning congregation at Christ Church, Leamington Spa. We celebrated what God has been doing through the course. We heard stories of how young people are growing in leadership, faith and confidence.

GL celebration 2014

It was a wonderful occasion as we heard from young people who have most recently completed the course, including 3 young people from Christ Church. We heard about the effect the course had had on them and what they had learnt most.

We heard how, for some, the mentoring element of the course was significant. As one participant said, “to have someone who was there just for you and you could talk about anything was special”.

Two young people were from earlier programmes and they spoke about the launchpad the course gave them into leadership and how they have kept growing since. It was great to hear how they were more engaged in their local churches as well as involved in leading First Sunday, a monthly town wide youth service, run by young people.


“It was great learning about what gifts we have so could work out which area of leadership we should be in.”

“I now lead worship at my church which I wouldn’t have done before.”

“After a few sessions I realised that I was talking more about God at school, just as things came up. I was more confident.”

quotes from this year’s participants

There was a formal presentation of certificates to those who had just completed the course and we also announced the launch of our 5th programme, starting in September. This was followed by a celebration cake which had a photograph of all the participants on it. They enjoyed eating themselves after the service!

There is an exploratory evening for people to find out more about what is involved and what the commitment is. This event takes place on Monday 16th June 7-9pm at St Paul’s Church, Leamington. Attending this event does not indicate commitment to participate on the course but it does give young people a chance to ask questions, chat to previous participants about their experiences and to decide whether this might be something that God wants them to do. To find out more visit our growing leaders web page.