Jan 09

First Sunday worship: for young people, led by young people

I have had the privilege of being involved with First Sunday for the last two years. First Sunday is a monthly worship service which takes place on the First Sunday of each month (except August) at Leamington Spa Baptist Church. It is a service run totally by young people, for young people at secondary school.

First Sunday logoOne of the many great things about First Sunday is how it brings together Christian young people from all across Leamington, Warwick and the surrounding areas. At a time when many churches struggle to have large numbers of teenagers attending, First Sunday helps young people to see that there are others their age, passionate about God and wanting to commit their lives to follow Jesus.

This last Sunday, we had our first service of the year and it was a wonderful evening, with heartfelt, moving worship led by a wonderful band of young people. It is such a privilege to see young people genuinely connecting with God and worshipping him. The service was led by two teenagers, James and Sarah, with a talk given by Kate Wallis, the youth minister at St Paul’s Church, Leamington.

Kate challenged us to set ‘God Resolutions’ rather than New Year ones, recognising how if we merely attempt to achieve change in our own strength we are likely to fail, and to see how we can use 2014 to get closer to God and be all that he wants us to be. It was wonderful to see people responding afterwards using different response stations to commit their year to God, to repent of past mistakes and to make Jesus their cornerstone for 2014 and the future (using stones to write our resolutions on).

My role at First Sunday is to offer support to the team and to mentor the overall leaders. The leadership changes every year as it is made up of people who are in their last year of A levels. They do such a good job and show that leadership ability is about God’s gifting not about reaching a certain age. James and Timmy currently oversee First Sunday and are really good at encouraging others to worship and to use their gifts for God.

If you know of young people who would like to get involved, bring them along on any First Sunday of the month, 8-9.30pm at Leamington Spa Baptist Church. We’d love to welcome you all! (Youth leaders are more than welcome to come too!)