Sep 22

Could you be the right person to join Thrive’s team?

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A personal message from Thrive’s director, Andy Castle:

It’s been a privilege to set Thrive up and to see it grow over the last four years. Under God’s guidance and provision, we have worked with many churches, leaders and young people. Together with Thrive’s trustees, I now believe God is asking us to grow some more and take on another person to the team. Could this be you?

Thrive exists to enable local churches in Leamington, Coventry, Warwick and the surrounding areas to be better equipped at reaching out and discipling young people of secondary school age. However, the reality is that approximately 80% of churches do not have anyone of this age group in their church and they are struggling with the children that they do have.

80% of local churches do not have any secondary school aged people

We want to recruit a person who has the expertise in church based children’s ministry to join us to help churches build their children’s work so that we can see proper discipleship taking place from an early age. This will lead to churches eventually having some young people and we can then continue to work with them as they disciple them into their teenage years.

We believe by doing this we can see that statistic of 80% reducing significantly.

The reality: This is not a job for someone who is looking for a job, this is a position for someone who feels God may be calling them to it. It is for someone who is prepared to walk a faith-dependent path, trusting God for his constant provision for all their needs. This is for someone who loves Jesus, his Church and longs to see children flourish.

Thrive does have funding available for this role but the nature of a fledgling charity is that finances cannot be guaranteed. However, God is good and we believe that this is what he is calling us to do. We believe God pays for all that he orders, and so we are wanting to take this step of faith. Are you?

If you are someone who:

  • Has experience of overseeing, leading and developing a children’s ministry in a church setting over a number of years
  • has played an active part on a church leadership team
  • has the ability to relate to, and understand, the culture of children
  • is a Christian with a living faith in Jesus
  • feels this might be what God is calling you to do

then please get in touch!

We are praying that God will bring exactly the right person to join our team.

If you would like to explore this with us, I would love to meet with you and have a coffee!

If you know someone who you think could be right for this role, please do let them know and encourage them to get in touch.

Please contact me either by email – andy@thriveym.org.uk or by phone 07904 070658.

Thank you.

Andy Castle