Our children’s work hub is designed to bring children’s workers together, whether employed or volunteers, the hub aims to inspire, equip, resource and encourage everyone.  They take place once per term, and is a great place to meet people in similar roles in other local churches. People come for lots of different reasons: to share experiences, to gather new ideas, to be prayed for and to be refuelled to keep going in serving our children.

At our recent hub in June, we gathered 12 leaders from 5 different churches within Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick. The hub takes place in a relaxed setting, starting with coffee and refreshments before tackling a great topic. The focus in June was on encouraging children in using their gifts.

The evening began by looking at different stories from the Bible where children were given opportunities to use the gifts that God had given to them, including how the young David took on Goliath because of his trust in the Lord and used his skills developed as a shepherd boy.

We then looked a,t and discussed, various questions such as: ‘Why is it important to encourage children to use their gifts within church?’  ‘Understanding what gifts our children have and how do we identify them?’ ‘How do we provide opportunities for their gifts to be used and developed?’

The discussions led to great opportunities for churches to share their experiences and ask questions.  It also helped leaders to consider how they could take these ideas back to their churches and apply them in their children’s work.

Our Transform youth and children’s work conference will be held in place of our hub in the autumn on Saturday 10th November 10 am – 4 pm.

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