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Oct 14

What does 21st century youth discipleship look like?

We are sixteen years into a new century and yet I still get asked what does youth discipleship look like for the 21st Century? It often comes from leaders and parents who have belonged to churches which have had a good heritage of youth work, but now numbers have dwindled. There is a recognition that …

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Jul 01

5 different models of effective youth ministry

One of the questions I get asked is, ‘what are the different ways of discipling young people?’ It’s a good question. To be honest, there is not one sweet way of discipling so I am always a bit wary of discussing different models or spending too much time on the latest fad in Christian youth …

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May 20

5 ways to get young people praying together

  One of the essential elements of discipleship is teaching young people that they can have a personal, intimate relationship with God. He longs to engage with them and to talk with them. Sadly, too often we have made out that prayer is some weird, technically-challenging process that means only the most holy can really …

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Nov 24

Why you need to create a not-to-be-missed youth programme

Our youth programme is the hook we hang our relationships on in youth ministry. Our regular gatherings, whilst not being the primary purpose of youthwork, are usually the key times in the week where we get to engage with our young people. They are essential times and so we need to make sure that they …

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Jul 07

All you need to host your own youth prayer night

This week’s blog post is a bit different. I want to make available to you a resource to download. As youth leaders, we are all looking for new, creative ways to engage young people in prayer and to harness their attention and passion for God. One such way of doing this is by use of …

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Nov 04

10 tips to help a young person lead a worship service

There are some things which get your heart rejoicing more than others. For me it is seeing a young person fully engaged with God and setting the example to others. I love it when we see young people taking on primary roles in our church services. This might be praying, worship leading or preaching. But …

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