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May 13

5 ways to help young people thrive during the exam season

The exam season is upon us once again. A time where the only thing teenagers seem to talk about is revision and the pressure of sitting exams. It’s also a time where attendance at our youth meetings can fluctuate with the assumption, “they must have exams”. Whilst exams are an important part of the summer …

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Jan 14

Seeing God in the school corridors

School is where most young people spend the majority of their time each week and so the church needs to work hard at helping them and encouraging them to live for God whilst at school. I find that often students haven’t thought about school from God’s perspective. It is as if it is just something …

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Oct 03

Dealing with difficult and distruptive behaviour

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I, and my fellow leaders, were crouching below the ceiling-height window in the office in our local youth centre, hoping that the young people outside would stop throwing bricks, calm down and just go home. Surely we had got something wrong here? It felt like we …

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Sep 09

Firm Foundation 2: welcoming

I have learnt that the quality of our welcome directly relates to the quality of what follows. If we get the welcome right, people are much more likely to engage with what we do the rest of the meeting. If we get it wrong, behaviour tends to be worse and the level of connection with …

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