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Jun 15

Five steps to a faith-professing life

When I speak to different churches, the existence of their youth ministry is, more often than not, based on their history and evolution rather than on their vision and strategy for the future. We talk about why young people are drifting away from their church or are no longer interested. From my experience I don’t …

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Dec 23

How to plan for a great year ahead

Reaching the end of the year can carry with it mixed emotions. We can feel tired from the experiences of ministry. We can feel satisfied as we look back on all that has happened in the last twelve months. How do we make the most of our feelings and experiences to plan ahead for the …

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May 27

How to keep your passion for youth work alive

There are many reasons why leaders drop out of youth ministry. I believe one of those is down to the never-ending cycle of demands and expectations put on them from church leaders, parents, young people and the rest of the church. It is all too easy to become a people pleaser, looking to meet these …

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Dec 17

Purposeful Planning Part 3: Completing your programme

If you have read my last three posts in this series on planning, you will have realised that I am a fervent believer in the planning process. This by no ways limits or restricts us from being open to what God is doing nor does it put all our trust in an imperfect programme. What …

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Dec 10

Purposeful Planning Part 2: up, in, out

As we continue our series in how to plan purposefully so you create that killer youth programme, in this post I want to explore how we create space to build in three different directions: upwards, inwards and outwards. How do we help young people experience God? How can we build the group identity? How can …

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Dec 01

Purposeful Planning Produces a Productive Programme! Part 1

Last week’s blog post explored why it essential that we spend time planning our programme for our youth group and I outlined 5 reasons why this is so important. If you haven’t read that post yet, I recommend you pause here and go read and then come back. Over the next few weeks I am …

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