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Where are all the leaders?

I am not sure what the definition of crisis is or what a situation has to be like to be described as ‘in crisis’ but it does seem that, for many within our churches, ‘youth ministry is in crisis’ is a realistic opinion. “We just don’t see young people in our church anymore” and “what …

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Thrive is 5: Expanding into children’s ministry

One of our most significant developments has been our expansion into supporting children’s ministry. The appointment of the vastly-experienced Fiona Stutton in May 2016 to the role of Children’s Ministry Adviser has seen our work with churches significantly diversify. As we shared the vision for Thrive, wanting to enable every church to have a thriving …

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Leaders are growing stronger thanks to Thrive’s training

Training youth leaders has been part of Thrive’s vision since the start. Alongside building confidence in youth work, enabling leaders to have the necessary skills to lead effectively has been essential. Over the years we have offered training in a variety of areas including building  an effective youth leadership team,  growing a thriving youth group, …

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Should we call youth workers something more helpful?

If you know me, or have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that for some time I have not been a fan of the term ‘youth worker’. It seems to be the default title churches give when they employ someone, full time or part time, to develop their youth ministry within …

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3 ways to stop young people leaving church

I get asked two questions a lot. Firstly, how can we attract more young people to church and, secondly, how can we help young people to stay within the church and grow into a mature faith. In this blog post, I want us to focus on the second question. How do we enable young people …

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How to stop boys leaving your church

Recently we had a meeting of our Children’s work hub, a place where all those involved in Children’s Ministry locally can get together and share ideas, resources and seek advice. One of the questions that came up on this occasion was about how we can stop pre-teen boys leaving church. It’s a common issue. How …

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